Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movin On Up!

- London Novak

For some reason, every time I think of The Pragmatic, I have the Movin’ On Up theme song from The Jeffersons running through my head. You might ask why I would have such a song in my mind, but it’s pretty obvious if you’ve ever heard the band.
Members of The Pragmatic include both recently graduated Greenville alumni (Andre Anjos, Liz Anjos and Karl Kling) and current students ready to kiss this school goodbye (Jonathon Goldstein and Jeremiah Clark), have been working hard to make a name for themselves while trying to live exciting lives or finishing school. This past weekend they played at Off Broadway in St. Louis. They were asked to perform the opening act for So Many Dynamos. It was amazing to see them up on stage jumping and getting excited to their music just as the crowd was doing.
There were many people there for So Many Dynamos, but they all seemed very enthused for the opening band. As Caitlin Tadlock and I were near the front dancing our butts off, I looked around and saw some people dancing as well as others listening and bobbing their heads to the new sound. The show definitely went over as a major success.
“It’s really exciting to be playing with all these bands that have such prestige behind their names, and whenever they come up to us and say that they enjoy our music and want us to play with them…well, that’s just mind-blowing,” says lead singer Karl Kling.
The Pragmatic recently played with The Faint at The Pageant in St. Louis right before Christmas break started. This past weekend they played with Cordivae and So Many Dynamos. Near the end of March, they plan on playing their most exciting show yet with Anathallo at a new venue that is not yet finished called The Luminary. The show will be the first played in the venue, so be sure to come out and support the band.

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