Sunday, February 1, 2009

GC Student Art Show

GC Student Art SHow

- Tara Wepking

Students gathered in the Maves Art Center on December 9th to view an art show with work by the Independent Studio, Advanced Studio, and Digital Video II classes.

Students Joel Bannister, Curtis Blackwell, Katie Bodgdanowicz, Lydie Borah, Keith Davis, Joey Graves, Richie Hedges, Nate Henricks, Dennis Ison, Karl Kling, Sarah Miller, Steph Plant, Hayley Sutton, Tara Underwood, Deylnn VanValin, Kara Wenthe, and Jennifer Zeola all displayed their art throughout the course of the night.

Karl Kling and Nate Henricks filled the basement of the Art Center with sweet tunes as students wandered through the exhibits, indulging in sweet treats while feasting their eyes on the sweet sights all around them.

For those displaying their work, it was a chance to unveil the art they'd been slaving over for months. "You spend so much of your time down in these studios, or taking pictures or anything,” said Junior Hayley Sutton. “Night after night, spending countless hours, and not many people from the school get to see what you're doing. You just have to wait for your senior show. So it was really great for everyone to get to show their studios, to show where we work or what we've been working on."

Those sleepless nights did not pass by unnoticed—students looking through the exhibit were thoroughly impressed by their efforts. "I thought it was really fascinating. It was cool to see how creative and talented those people were," Caleb Romoser said. "It was great to see projects they've been working on for so long and to see how they presented it as their own."

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