Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Firebird Grand Opening

- London Novak

February 5th marked the grand opening of a renovated and renamed St. Louis music venue, once known as The Bluebird, now known as The Firebird. The venue is new and approved and the smell of paint fumes proves it when you enter. Last Thursday the Firebird was packed with STL locales celebrating the grand opening with DJ’ing from Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, rap duo Jason and the Beast, So Many Dynamos metal progressive rock side project Thor Axe, and the one man stand-up musician Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, all fitting the bill that night to give everyone an array of entertainment.
Thor Axe, the side project of St. Louis’ own So Many Dynamos, is a seven-piece band including three guitar players, two bassists, a drummer, and a keyboardist. Usually it is pretty difficult for a band to pull off that many members, but when talking about Thor Axe, you have to know that we’re talking about professionals.
When I try to think of a good way to describe their sound, I think of a combination of The Advantage, 8 Bit Weapon, and a metal version of Final Fantasy, but pumped with more creativity and newness. If you don’t know the two above bands, they cover all our favorite Nintendo and computer game music, but with a kind of metal undertone. Anyway, Thor Axe doesn’t cover any music but their own.
They performed after Jason and the Beast, who simmered the crowd down, but once Thor Axe took stage the crowd was anxious to hear. Once they did take the stage, everybody had their rockin’ ears on. They played some of their more popular songs, like ‘The Beagle Has Landed’, ‘Girthquake’, and ‘Here’s To Swimming with Bow Legged Women’.
The Firebird’s website is re-designed and the schedule is tight, with different bands playing almost every night. Tonight, GC’s own Eagle Scout will be performing at The Firebird with Krafted in Korea, so in case you get a hold of this issue before the show, which starts at 9:00PM, you should grab $7 if you’re 21 and older or $10 if you’re not, and head over to 2706 Olive in St. Louis to support your fellow students!

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