Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirty Roots at GC

- Megan Garrison

Bored on Thursday nights and need something to do? Tune in to the Dirty Roots show hosted by Ryan Mifflin on WGRN 89.5 from 8:00 to 10:00pm. This show combines numerous music styles such as renegade country, raw blues, vintage gospel, greasy soul, punk, funk, and reggae and features artists such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Hank Williams, and many more.

According to Mifflin, his show combines “roots music” with “a healthy dose of revolution and change-the-world attitude” as well as his own thoughts and interaction with his listeners. Mifflin’s idea of “revolution” came about from he and his wife’s college ministry, Wired, at the First Christian Church. Most of the discussions in the class have been about different ways to positively impact the world and “truly make a difference.” This concept, along with Mifflin’s radio background brought the show to what it is today.

Mifflin has been hosting the Dirty Roots show at WGRN for three years, but he has had many experiences in radio including his time as a student at Greenville College. During his sophomore year at Greenville, Mifflin teamed up with a friend, Kris Dothager, to host the Kriff-and-Miff Radio Hour for a semester. The following year, Mifflin started to host his own show, The Miff Till Midnight Show, which continued for two years. Following college, Mifflin worked as the Assistant Program Director and Morning Show Producer at 93.7 KSD in St. Louis. He also had experience at the local radio station, WGEL, which he began working with when he was a senior in high school. These experiences, along with his love of music, have encouraged him to continue hosting radio shows at Greenville College.

Mifflin believes that his show is not only about just the music, but feels that it has “grown into something more, something that allows listeners to be involved and have an active role.” In the future, Mifflin plans to allow the listeners to become even more involved and is also planning on setting up a community-based webpage called “Dirty Roots Revolution” which will allow listeners to play an even more active role in making a difference in the world. Listeners can contact the Dirty Roots Show via email at Keep an ear and eye out for the up and coming Dirty Roots Revolution webpage.

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