Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wonderful Wedding in the Upper Union

-Sarah Cleveland
With a wedding cake and punch on hand, GC students and fans of NBC’s hit series “The Office” crowded into the Upper Student Union to join in celebration of the series’ most loved couple’s wedding. Jim and Pam finally were finally going to tie the knot.

The hour long special episode featured many laughs and surprises, for which the show is infamous. While at his stay at the hotel in which the wedding takes place, Kevin, an office worker, has his shoes destroyed by the manager of the hotel. And, (this is a spoiler if you haven’t already seen the episode) Jim and Pam don’t even get married at the hotel.

After the first few minutes of the episode, Pam and Jim ask for everyone’s cooperation at their wedding and especially address their requests to regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Michael Scott, who never fails to overdo everything. Everyone must also keep Pam’s pregnancy a secret as not everyone at the wedding knows the news, especially Pam’s very conservative grandmother.
When everyone is finally gathered at the hotel near Niagara Falls for dinner the eve of the wedding, it is Jim, not Michael, who spills the news during a toast that Pam is pregnant. Michael does his best and ultimately worst to try to fix the already awkward and pained situation. The damage, however, is already done, and Pam’s grandmother decides not to attend the wedding.

After a night of crazy mishaps and dancing, not to mention Andy’s (another office worker) trip to the emergency room after doing the splits the wrong way, the morning of the wedding finally comes. Jim and Pam decide to get married secretly on a boat in the middle of Niagara Falls and then join everyone in the chapel for their actual wedding.

The end of the wedding features workers of the office dancing enthusiastically down the aisle to Chris Brown’s song “Forever.”
For “Office” fans everywhere, the episode certainly retained its crazy nature and kept its many laughs original. GC student Abbey Villwock commented afterward, “It’s exactly what their wedding needed to be.”

Kelcie Mattson, another GC student, said with a smile, “It made me cry! Just perfect.”

You can catch more of the sixth season and watch Jim and Pam adjusting to married life by tuning into NBC Thursday nights at 8 p.m.

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