Sunday, October 11, 2009

fun. fun. fun and Eagle Scout!

-Kelly Baker & Ben Rieder
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes
Our very own Eagle Scout, along with Miniature Tigers, opened up for the band Fun. last Wednesday night at the Firebird in St. Louis Missouri. Tickets to the show were completely sold out. Ben Helman from Eagle Scout commented, “It was awesome. We’ve never played at a sold out show before. Good times all the time.” Eagle Scout was well received by the Firebird’s enthusiastic crowd, even though they didn’t play Decatur. Eagle Scout was followed by Phoenix based band, Miniature Tigers. Their upbeat tunes and cover of Abba’s Mamma Mia was thoroughly entertaining. This lead up to the main event, the magical musical mystery known as Fun. Fun. consists of the Format’s lead singer Nate Ruess, along with Jake Antonoff, and Andrew Dost. Fun. was also joined by former Greenville College student Jon Goldstein for their current tour. Goldstein is also the drummer for The Pragmatic, another band that formed here at Greenville. Not only was the concert awesome, it was also full of surprises. Much to the crowd’s excitement, Ruess played songs from the Format, bringing back nostalgic moments to his fans. After a long night of music, a hot crowded room, and plenty of dancing, it seemed the show was over. Chanting fans, however, brought Ruesso and band back on stage for an encore. During this acoustic set, a ‘tipsy’ fan proceeded to get on stage and ‘dance’ next to Ruesso. He respectfully declined. On a sweeter note, Fun.’s bassist turned twenty-nine that evening. His father brought a birthday cake and presented it to his son on stage. These surprises really added to the show. Fun’s dynamite performance displayed incredible stage presence. “I thought it was amazing how similar they sounded live compared to their CD,” said Greenville College sophomore, Josh Cranston. Overall, the concert was superb. A tip for all of you avid concert goers, always end the late night with a frisco melt and side-by-side banana chocolate shake from Steak and Shake. Ya dig?

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