Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get involved with Agapefest

By Kristina Crawford

Would you like to get involved in an experience that can only be had at Greenville College? Then sign-up for a staff position for Agapefest 2010! Agapefest is the only fully student-operated music festival, and who wouldn’t want to take part in such an event? Applications will be available for students on October 19, 2009, and can be found at

The Staff positions that are available for students are within the following departments: Ticketing, Security, Main stage/Second stage, Hospitality, Media/PR, Staff Services, Vendors, Ministry, and Grounds.

If you are looking for direction for your future career, being a part of Agapefest may be a good opportunity to get a feel for a potential avenue by working in an area of interest. I was interested in finding out more about Public Relations; I thought perhaps working on staff in the PR/Media Department would give me the opportunity to see what Public Relations was all about, and if it would even be a career that I really wanted to pursue. I quickly fell in love with all Public Relations entails, and I knew I wanted to pursue it further. So if you are interested in Marketing, Event Planning, Concert Promotions, Music Business, Digital Media, Media Promotions, or Public Relations (or if you just want to be a part of something greater than their self) apply at starting October 19th. It will for sure be an experience you will never forget.

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