Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Agape Needs You!

By MacKenzie Osborne

This article is coming to you from the Agapefest 2009 Assistant Director of Media PR. On behalf on the entire Agapefest Cabinet, we want you to apply to be on staff with us this year! To give you a glimpse of why you should apply, I have interviewed junior Rachel Dothager, Director of Finances.
Rachel Dothager has been on staff since her freshman year and is now on Cabinet as Director of Finances. Here is what she had to say about Agapefest:
M.O.- What made you apply to be on staff your freshman year?
R.D.- I came to Agapefest all four years of high school, and always had a blast. I wanted to know more about the festival, help organize it and hang out with famous people!
M.O. - Why do you think people should apply for staff?
R.D.- I think people should apply because all staff members get All Access passes, which is a cool free perk! Also, it is an awesome experience to work with professionals and other classmates. It is the only student-run festival in the nation, so that means we rely entirely on our peers and friends to be on staff. This is a great experience that would look excellent on your resume, regardless of your major. (I’m Elementary Education!)
M.O.- What are you most excited for this year at Agapefest?
R.D.- I am most excited about working with the Cabinet and being in the decision-making process to choose bands. Also, I am excited for continuing my relations with vendors and artist merchandise people from last year.
There you have it, from one of Agapefest’s very own! Please don’t forget to apply for staff positions at, the password is apply. The applications are available now! I hope to see you on staff this year!

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