Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Live Last Week

1.) Kanye Interrupts…
After Sunday night’s incident at the MTV VMA’s, when Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, the web exploded with manipulations of Kanye West interrupting various people. You can find Kanye interrupting Robert Pattinson, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze and even God in manipulated internet images.

2.) 1980’s Dating Montage
A legit Youtube video showing how hard it was to get a date in the 80’s. Back then you couldn’t just set up a profile on a free dating website. Watch various men with funny clothes and hairstyles talk about what they are looking for in a female.

3.) Recession iPhone Covers
A sad reminder that we are still in a recession, but now you have a new reason to keep paying those $100 phone bills! Cut your costs with corrugated cardboard iPhone 3G cases! Choose from paying .99 cents each or go for the “Bailout Bond” and purchase ten for $7.99! Visit to go Recessionista chic!

4.) Fall Term Refund Checks
Don’t you love that time of September when you receive an email from Melissa Cantrill stating you have a semester refund check waiting for you in the Business office? Now students can actually purchase class books. (*Disclaimer: I’m sorry if you didn’t receive this email but that probably means you did not get a check and should not visit the Business Office wanting a refund check).

5.) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Devito hi-jinks are back with the season five premiere of It’s Always Sunny… on FX tonight! Season four is available now on DVD and Blu Ray.

6.) Pavement Reunion
After years of speculation it is confirmed that the band Pavement will reunite next year at Summer Stage in Central Park. Mark your calendars. Only 369 days until the benefit concert starts.

7.) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Sony’s 3D animation adaptation of the children’s illustrated book comes out Friday at our local Globe Theater! Character voices include Bill Hader, Mr. T and Neil Patrick Harris.

8.) Painting on Feathers
Turkey hunting season is quickly approaching. If you know a turkey hunter ask him for the tail end of his turkey after he shoots it. The art of turkey feather painting is a profitable and exciting business. For ways to make your turkey gobble check out

9.) Wolverine on DVD
For the two percent of the public who hasn’t seen the leaked version on the internet.

10.) The Twilight Saga’s New Moon Extended Trailer
More vampire and less animated werewolf! The trailer leaked early after a surprise showing of it in front of the movie Sorority Row on Friday but it was officially premiered Sunday night during the VMA’s. The trailer focuses more on Bella’s depression, the trip to Volterra and the Vulturi! Complete with better clothes and makeup!

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