Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hillbilly Bombshell

The small green building off of the town square is not another rinky-dink Greenville hair salon, but a unique skate and record shop Hillbilly Bombshell owned and operated by Nate (Insert Last Name Here). Far from housing hillbilly couture, the Bombshell features skate accessories and obscure records for cheap!

Nate’s dream of opening a skate shop and record store became a plan put in action when he found out that Greenville was building a professional skate park. The shop includes skating gear, clothing and accessories. The name Hillbilly Bombshell started out as a joke from a friend that grew into a legit name of the business.

Hillbilly Bombshell expands outside the shop. Nate also has a collaborative artistic community that branches beyond the green house's doors. The Hillbilly Bombshell Art Collective is made up of designers, musicians, painters and other artists that grew out of the “932” area of metro St. Louis. Founded in 2002, 932 is made up primarily of a hip hop crew with fifteen members from four different states. The idea of expanding 932's artist collaborative into Hillbilly Bombshell came from Nate's interning days at indie label distributor Caroline Distribution in New York. After being exposed to a large amount of record-label knowledge, music, and art, the idea of starting and extending Hillbilly Bombshell to include artistic collaboration was put into effect. Now, not only does the Hillbilly Bombshell Artists Collective house hip-hop artists, but also features relatively unknown local artists that produce genre-defying tunes.

To find out more about the HBB Artist Collective and skate shop visit their website and sign up for email updates from the store and collective at Hillbilly Bombshell is located right off the square at 110 West College avenue.

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