Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eagle Scout & Maserati play at SLU's Billiken Club

By Aaron Oda

The Billiken Club, located in St. Louis, recently hosted a night of good vibes with musical guests Eagle Scout and Maserati. Many young souls flocked to this free opportunity, excited to enjoy the sights and sounds of these two great bands. The show started out in a joyous uproar as Eagle Scout took the stage, consisting of Greenville’s own Brandon Hunter on lead vocals and bass, Kyle Coleman on drums, Jeremiah Clark on synth, and Robert Varner and Ben Helman on guitars. The audience was not disappointed as Eagle Scout showcased tunes from their soon-to-be-released debut album including “Death Rays,” “Arm’s Length,” and “The Decay.” Combining their infectious hooks influenced from the post-punk/dance scene and their multi-layered guitar work, Eagle Scout is an event best seen in person. They ended their show on a high note, playing the crowd favorite “Decatur” as warm bodies danced to the rhythms and sang to the melodies.

Next on the gig was Maserati, hailing from Athens, Georgia. The group has a sound that borrows from the post-rock ideas of Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai and the psychedelic leanings of bands such as Pink Floyd. They played a lengthy set, entrancing the listener with their delay-drenched guitars and pulsating beats, while creating a hazy and relaxed atmosphere for the audience. This quartet proved that they are a rising act to watch for in instrumental music.

After a fabulous night, fellow Greenville students had much to say about the show. Senior Ben Helman, guitarist of Eagle Scout, remarked, “Getting an opportunity to play at the Billiken Club was really exciting for us. It was great to open for an established band like Masertati and it gives us a real shot at some exposure.” Junior Nick Vineyard commented on the two bands’ performances as “sick.” All in all, it was a well-spent Friday night, hanging out in the company of friendly faces and enjoying some splendid music.

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