Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cast announced for Greenville College's Factory Theatre's fall Play The Syringa Tree

The Syringa Tree is a personal, deeply reminiscent story of an abiding love between two families, one black, one white, and the two children that are born into their collective household in the early 1960's South Africa. Seen first through the eyes of a child, Elizabeth Grace, as she tries with humor and sometimes overt fear, to make sense of the disarray, magic and darkness of Africa, we follow the family’s destinies in a story that spans four generations, from early apartheid to the present day free South Africa.

Salamina Mashlope Flora Kurasha
Eugenie Grace Lindsey Schuberth
Elizabeth Grace Ali Richert
Iris Brittany Restoff
Granny Elizabeth Liz Ward
Loeska Hattingh Robin Smuck
Dr. Isaac Grace Stephen Gerling
Zephyr, Peter Mombadi James Turner
Dubike, Pietros, Andrew Daniel Turner
Dominee, Sgt. Potgieter, John Grace Alex Gohde

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