Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of Montreal @ The Pageant

Lights. Music. Short Shorts. I found these and much more at the Of Montreal concert on October 24 at the Pageant in St. Louis. Formed in (no, not Canada) Athens, Georgia, this indie pop band has been putting on amazing shows since 1997. The band includes Kevin Barnes, Bryan Poole, Dottie Alexander, Jamie Huggins, Davey Pierce, and Ahmed Gallab.
The show began the same way it ended: with those in the audience wondering, “What is happening here?” With killer makeup, back-up dancers gallivanting among the band members, and costume changes galore, the show brought nonstop amazement from beginning to end. Of Montreal played a two-hour set, featuring songs from each of their nine albums.
From a Christian standpoint, the show could be deemed by some as quite racy or offensive. The show included simulated sex scenes and included obscene lyrics. At one point lead singer Kevin Barnes even stepped onstage dressed as a Roman Catholic bishop with a female dancer at his feet…licking them.
Whether this sounds like art or heathenism to you, it is definitely worth the 17 bucks to go and find out for yourself the next time they come through St. Louis.

-Erica Vogler, Copy Editor

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