Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Shave November

Come one, come all, and join the glorious event currently sweeping the nation, called No-Shave November! It’s the month that you get to put down your razor and say, “No more, shaving utensil! You’ve made me your slave for far too long. This is the month that I shall denounce your name and put you down,” and then you don’t pick that baby back up until December 1. Rebel against those shaving advertisements that have a pretty girl showing off her smooth legs, or some macho guy caressing his freshly shaved face (who really does that?!).
What started as a month just used as an excuse for guys not to shave their faces has grown into a world-wide event that includes both guys and girls. It sparks awareness in masculinity, how much time is spent when shaving, how much money is spent, finding out what your body looks like covered with fur, and has recently become a fundraiser for saving Darfur, Africa.
This is the month to let your hair grow until you could take those beautiful long locks and form them into braids. How many girls on campus can do that with their armpit hair? I, for one, have not shaved since October 30, and let me just say that I’ve never had my armpit hair grow to this length, while my leg hair is at least a quarter of an inch long.
Here are five great reasons for why you should participate in this painless event: 1. It is painless. 2. Less chance of cutting yourself (this goes hand in hand with it being painless). 3. You can spend time doing something else 4. Everybody has a cool beard.
Now if you want me to inform you on some famous people who have some awesome beards, I can do that, too. Who can forget Chuck Norris, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Santa, Gandalf, Mr. Miyagi, and Iron &Wine’s very own Samuel Beam. Their envious beards should tell you something about the merits of the event.
If you feel the urge to keep growing those hairs, do it! November isn’t the only month you can shake the vice of the razor, although this is the most common month people participate in. There’s Don’t-Shave December, Just Don’t Shave January, Forget to Shave February, Masculine March, Atrocious April, and Manly May.
So start growing those hairs and try to look a little more like Yu Zhenhuan (the world’s hairiest man). Good night and get growing!

-London Novak, Junior

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