Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wind and Sail Releases EP

By Emilie Moroney

The Wind & Sail CD release show may have gotten off to a late start, but it was well worth the wait. The show featured The Great Outdoors from Edwardsville, and Greenville College band The Van Pelts. The Great Outdoors started the show 40 minutes later than scheduled. The normal four-piece band performed at what singer and keyboard player, Quinn Buerkett, dubbed “75%,” as they were without their bass player. They were indeed missing their low end and the set seemed to drag on a bit without that dimension, but they managed to get the night off to a good and anticipated start as the audience could still enjoy the good song writing and performance.

As The Van Pelts took the stage the audience seemed to gain energy with the familiarity of the band. While they have played, as singers Moriah Seamen and Tara Wepking noted during the performance, a lot of shows in the Blackroom lately, it was still fun to watch and listen to. Their whimsical, light-hearted tunes made for a good transition to the headlining act.

Even though it was Wind & Sail’s first time headlining a show at Greenville, there was a good turnout of people who came for the band’s EP release. The EP entitled A Place to Discover features 5 songs that the group recorded over a weekend in Tennessee. The album artwork was hand crafted and Devin Moroney, the lead singer and guitar player for Wind & Sail, emphatically expressed that they “worked really hard on them”. The crowd seemed to recognize the music and really enjoy the show. The band was selling the new CDs for the special price of $2 instead of the normal $5, and were happy to have sold 43 copies on the opening night of its release.

Wind & Sail will be embarking on a 10-day tour to different parts of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska to promote A Place to Discover this Friday before they return home for the Holidays.

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