Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Ideas for the Poor

By: Caitlin Tadlock


Woot offers one item each day at a ridiculously low price. From Star Wars bobble heads to USB plug-ins has you covered. Anything you purchase from the website will only be $5.00 flat shipping rate. If you start going to the site now you might have all of your Christmas shopping done by Christmas Eve.

2.) Homemade Junk

The creative have an advantage here. If you are artistically enabled, make something for your family and friends. There is a good chance it could come out bad, but it’s not like they can tell you they don’t like it. It might be thrown to the bottom of the closet but you’ll feel better when you know they can’t return it.

3.) The “Used” Button on

Last year I told my mom I would take back anything she bought on Amazon that was “new”. Why buy the $20.99 Dexter Season One DVD set when right next to it is a 99% reliable rated user selling a “used-like new” season for $8.00 cheaper right? And, even if it is scratched, it’s a delight to give the user a low rating and watch them hit you with complaints about their low rating. You can always return the product.

4.) Rodarte for Target

Starting December 20, Target will carry the fashion line Rodarte for exactly one month. Although the line doesn’t include the $500 pieces you saw during London Fashion week earlier this year it will cover similar styles to fit your budget.


Take those gifts you still have in boxes from last year and swap them for money to get others something they might want. The website swaps unwanted DVDs, CDs and books for cash. Visit the site, type in the product code, decide the price and wait for someone on the web to buy it.

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