Monday, November 9, 2009

The Death Set Review

By Matt Stuttler

The Death Set’s most recent album Worldwide, released in 2008, passed
under the radar of the majority of well known trend spotter blogs.
This is an utter shame, as the band brings a jangly, electronic,
sample heavy take on punk rock akin to Dan Deacon and vocals
reminiscent of a happier Mae Shi. Forming in Australia then moving to
America to feed on the teenagers of our country’s East Coast, The
Death Set quickly took to the proverbial skies and toured with
Brooklyn band Japanther. After signing to Counter records, The Death
Set released Worldwide. Some highlights of the album include
“Negative Thinking”, beginning with some sweet samples of
pre-programmed voice modulators then jumping straight into a
consistent dance beat with a smooth as butter guitar lead leaking all
over the place. The band doesn’t suffer in the least from only having
two members, proving that heart and pure weirdness can make up for any
deficiency of live performing members, such as on “Selective
Memories”. Another stand out of the album is “Impossible”; que'd in
with an old school hip hop stomp and racing between thick synths and
shout along verses. Check out this band if you’re looking for hope in
advancement in this art-stricken society that is modern music.

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R.I.P. Beau Velasco.