Saturday, May 9, 2009

June Movie Preview

(The Hangover)- Caitlin Tadlock (Arts&Culture Editor)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

A third of the way into shooting The Transformers sequel, the film’s star Shia LaBeouf was injured in a car accident that put his role as Sam Witwicky on a seven week hold. LaBeouf’s hand is permanently damaged and now only has 80% of its original usage. Director Michael Bay pondered over replacing LaBeouf’s hand with a CG hand but decided it too expensive and a “pain in the neck”. LaBeouf and co-star Megan Fox recaps that so far on set they have blew up a fish tank, a helicopter, concrete tubes and a library. The film has broken a few Guinness Book of World records that include being the first film to shoot on top of the pyramids in Egypt.

Land of the Lost

A remake of the trippy kiddie sci-fi television series of the 1970’s and the 1990’s, Will Ferrell and company set to take the sitcom to the silver screen with a big-budget adventure-comedy reboot. The series was about a family that was transported to a bizarre world of dinosaurs, cavemen, and menacing lizard-like creatures called Sleestaks. Ferrell’s character Rick Marshall is a scientist who gets sucked into a space-time vortex with his research assistant (played by Anna Friel) and a dim-witted survivalist (played by Danny McBride). Mary and Sid Krofft, the creators of the television show, are both producers of the film. The Krofft’s say that fans of the series will be pleased with the return of the Sleestaks, Chaka and the original theme song.

The Hangover

The morning after their best friend’s Las Vegas bachelor party, three men wake up in a trashed hotel room with no recollection of why they are half-naked and beaten. Or why a chicken is clucking around the room. Or what happened to the groom. The three men go on a 24-hour comedic quest to find the Groom before his wedding that evening. If marketed properly The Hangover could be another unexpected comedy hit, even though it's not a Team Apatow production. This film could also be Zach Galifanakis’ break out movie according to Burbank, CA test screeners that say this will be summer 2009’s Wedding Crashers, Knocked Up or Superbad.

Away We Go

John Krasinksi plays an earnest expectant father, Burt, who joins his pregnant girlfriend, Verona (played by Maya Rudolph) on a cross-country search for the right place to call home. Allison Janney and Catherine O’Hara are two supporting character actors that give the film a comedic spark. Some people call the film boring, some say it is charming and others are scratching their heads wondering why every new indie movie has the Juno-esque graphics and fonts on the film’s movie posters.

Whatever Works

Larry David plays an eccentric man from Greenwich Village who gets caught up in a series of love stories that get him tangled up with a young girl *played by Evan Rachel Wood) and her parents from the south. Wood reveals that Whatever Works is another classic Woody Allen movie but it is still different than anything he has done. Wood’s naïve character ends up marrying David and trouble ensues.

Year One

Judd Apatow’s sitting in the producer’s seat for this new film. Year One is about two really bad hunter-gatherers in a Stone Age tribe that get expelled from the group and venture out into a world they didn’t know existed. Jack Black and Michael Cera embark on a quest that traces the Book of Genesis and allows them to sound off on their opposing views of religion. Cera plays a terrified existentialist, afraid of everything while Black believes there is a God who is mapping things out for him. The movie is characterized by director Harold Ramis as “just a good, dumb, broad comedy”.


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