Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blackroom Cafe Comes to a Close

Seniors Jess Kamm and Steph Plant performed at the last Blackroom Café of the year on Tuesday night. Jess, who just returned from a Best Semester study at Martha’s Vineyard, opened the night by playing 3 original songs. Steph Plant who was the first act of the school year for Blackroom Café was also the last performer of the school year. Steph’s senior art show will be held this coming Sunday from 6pm to 8pm in the Maves Art Center. The spring semester Blackroom Café CD will be on sale this summer. You can purchase the CD by contacting Lucas Harger at lucasjharger@gmail.com The CD costs $5 and the fall semester CD is still on sale. During the fall 2009 school year Blackroom Café will be held every other week with an outside artist performing every other Blackroom Café.

Steph Plant Performing @ Blackroom Cafe

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