Monday, February 22, 2010

Sun Chips, How Green Of Them!

By London Novak

One major corporation taking eco-friendly measures is SunChips, who recently announced they will start selling their chips in compostable packaging. The chip bags will be made of a plastic composed of renewable, plant based materials called polyastic acid (PLA). According to a SunChips press release, this is the first fully compostable snack chip bag made from plant-based materials. The change is designed to significantly improve the environmental impact of its packaging. Gannon Jones, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay North America, said, “This is an important first step towards having a fully compostable chip bag in market by Earth Day 2010.” Now when we eat a bag of SunChips, we can put our trash in the compost bin. And that’s not to mention the full serving of whole grains and 0 grams of trans fats! SunChips snacks are available in Original, Harvest Cheddar, French Onion, Garden Salsa and Peppercorn Ranch flavors.

Another company combating the issue of environmentalism is the multinational automaker, Nissan., who has recently put out the company’s first all-battery electric car. Hoping to change consumer behavior, the company is taking charge for the markets in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. They’re planning on having service stations in many parking lots and shopping malls in which retailers will be offered the services for free. There are major efforts being put forth to deliver public charging. In Israel, the Renault-Nissan Aliance is working to deliver electric versions of the Renault Laguna with swappable batteries for longer trips. Unfortunately, this feature will not be issued in the US since many homes have multiple cars and trips are usually shorter. Reservations have already been in progress and orders can be placed in August while the car will be delivered by the end of the year.

Currently within our own City of Greenville, recycling bins are making their way home to proud new owners. After a long battle with many city inhabitants, the decision has been won over to start a curbside recycling program. Beginning on March 1, city inhabitants will no longer have to throw away reusable materials on their normal trash day and have the opportunity to make a difference in their community. Although people will not be able to throw away glass, other materials such as plastics, cardboard, newspaper, aluminum, and tin are able to be picked up. Because of the services, there will be an increase on the water/sewage bill, but it will not exceed $6.

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