Thursday, April 23, 2009

Invisible Children: The Resue

- Beth Burge

“Call us what you will, just don’t forget to call us daring. Talk is
cheap, and we're not ones to sleep through a revolution.” ~Invisible
Children Rescue Riders

Last night a benefit concert was put on for Invisible Children’s: The
Rescue in the upper union. The Rescue is an event held all across the
world to raise awareness about the child soldiers in Uganda. The
concert went very well. Those who played were Wind and Sail, Laura
Stephens, Joe Letchworth, Anna Joy Griesbach, Rachel Bowden, and Steph
Plant. Each brought a different feeling with them and was greatly
enjoyed by all who were in earshot. The money earned from the concert
goes directly to Invisible Children, specifically The Rescue mission.
Since September 2008, the LRA rebel army has murdered over 1,170
civilians without cause, and abducted around 500 children to add to
their army. This puts the numbers of children being forced to be a
part of the LRA to nearly to the 4,000 mark. Each year Invisible
Children holds an event where thousands of people gather to raise
awareness about the neglected Northern Uganda. One year, thousands
night commuted. Another year they displaced themselves. This year we
will be abducting ourselves for the sake of those who have been
abducted by Joseph Kony and the rebel army in Northern Uganda. Rescue
events will be happening all across the world in one hundred different
St. Louis, Missouri’s Rescue Event will happen this Saturday, April
25th beginning at the Edwards Jones Dome at 3 pm. Once everyone
gathers, the group of “abductees” will walk from the Dome to the St.
Louis Arch. This is about a half a mile. After arriving at the Arch,
those abducted will camp out until two different groups of people
“rescue” them.
As of now, there are more than 800 people signed up to participate in
the St. Louis Rescue. The group must be rescued by both the media and
different moguls in the areas. The media is there to raise awareness
to the majority of Americans who have no idea of the immense problem
in Uganda happening right now. The moguls are required to bring about
change on a larger scale with our celebrities and our governments
around the world. Many different radio stations have been notified
about the Rescue. Albert Pujols, Governor Nixon, Senator McCaskill,
Senator Bond, and several congressmen have been contacted already in
hopes they will be willing to participate and be a support the effort
to do something about the rebel army and the injustice happening every
day to thousands of innocent children.
A group of students plan to leave Saturday, April 25th around 1:30 pm
from Ganton Circle to carpool to St. Louis for the event. Each will be
carrying just what is needed to make it until they are rescued. This
can include a backpack with warmer clothes from the night, food to
last a whole day, paper in order to write letters to those in power,
three photographs of you and your friends/family (to leave at the
abduction site and to send to the leaders you’re writing to), sleeping
bag, and $5. The group will return once rescued either Saturday night
or Sunday. If you would like any more information please contact Beth
Bounds or Jared Pitts.

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